Figure 8 Clear/Translucent

SP-Figure 8 Clear/Translucent


Application: Speaker and Home Theatre Connections
Conductor: Oxygen Free Plain Copper Wire to AS1125
Insulation: RoHS Compliant V90HT PVC to AS3808
Core Colours: Clear Insulation – stripe colours available by request
Packs: 50, 100 or 500 metres

CodeMade toCoresConductorNominalInsulationElectricalNominalMass
OrderNo. / DiaAreaThicknessResistanceO.D.(kg/100m)
o(mm)(mm²)(mm)at 20°C(mm)
LFX22402o224/0.20.750.6262.4 x 5.42.4
LFX23202o232/0.210.619.52.6 x 5.64.6
LFX24802o248/ x 6.54.55
LFX26502o265/ x 7.25.4
LFX28402o284/0.22.6417.14.25 x 9.07.5
LFX210502*o2105/ x 8.97.8
LFX212702*o2127/0.2414.54.7 x 7.910.8
LFX219202*o2192/0.2613.15.0 x 11.714.5
NOTE:          (i) Extra Low Voltage – Not Suitable For Connection To Mains Power Supply
* Ribbed – not striped